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AboutRamón Ferreira

In the dynamic world of real estate, Ramón Ferreira emerges as a seasoned expert, drawing upon a remarkable 15-year career in the industry. With a solid foundation in marketing, including the achievement of a Master's Degree in the field, he possesses not only invaluable market knowledge but also a wealth of experience to excel in this competitive field.

Before embarking on his real estate career, Ramón enjoyed a successful 30-year corporate journey within the airlines industry´s software business, where he excelled in marketing and sales roles at a global company (Sabre). His journey culminated at the management level, overseeing international markets. This impressive background has equipped Ramón with a deep understanding of intricate global markets and has honed his ability to forge enduring client relationships.

Ramón applies the same acumen and dedication that led to his corporate success to his real estate endeavors. He offers clients valuable insights, an astute grasp of property values, and a talent for identifying investment opportunities that others may overlook.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Ramón personalizes each real estate journey, ensuring that clients' unique needs and goals take center stage. He is not merely a real estate agent; he is a trusted partner on the path to realizing your real estate dreams. For a professional with the expertise, marketing finesse, and dedication to exceeding expectations, Ramón is the undisputed choice for all your real estate needs.

AboutMarisa González - Associate Broker

With eight years of experience in the real estate industry, Marisa González is a dedicated and driven real estate broker. Before her venture into real estate, she amassed 16 years of experience in sales and customer service within the airline automation industry, catering to the Latin America and Caribbean markets. This background equips her with a deep understanding of multicultural business dynamics and diverse negotiation strategies. Marisa is renowned for her responsiveness and profound knowledge of real estate market dynamics. Her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction makes her the ultimate choice for all your real estate needs.



Karl Rexer

Wow! -- Ramon helped us buy a home in San Juan earlier this year. He is amazing. He has great knowledge of the area, is very responsive, and took the time to understand our preferences in the types of properties we wanted to see. We are very happy with our purchase. Ramon goes the extra mile. He recommended a fantastic contractor to help with our remodeling, and even came by to check that we were happy with the home and the quality of the contractor's work. Ramon is fully bilingual (English & Spanish).

Rosalina Muñiz Arguelles

Ramón Ferreira has been our realtor for several years. He has been in charge of the properties my brother and I inherited and the experience has been excellent. I should mention that our tenants have also been very satisfied with his service; most of them have told me so.

Cody King

Ramon was not only an excellent Realtor and he was also very friendly and organized. He went out of his way to help us with many other questions and advice that was more than just the real estate transaction. We are proud to call him our friend.

Carlos Poza

We gave Ramon a tough job in a down market with significant saturation of our kind of property. The property was also part of an estate liquidation, so Ramon had to deal with all kinds of first time issues like an IRS lien and special bank requirements and demands. Ramon successfully led us through the maze, told our attorney what to do and we all came out smiling at the end. Ramon made it all happen for us. That's the meat in an unconditional recommendation.

William Martinez

Very professional!!! Always on time. Knows the market really well and understands the quirkiness of the market on the island. I was always impressed with the quality of his work. I used him to find 2 properties for me. He also managed one of my rentals and handled every single issue with the utmost professionalism. He even paid for repairs out of his own money while I reimbursed him. I truly highly recommend Ramón to anyone who needs an agent in PR. He is also fully bilingual.

Edward Pritchett

Ramon Ferreira is your guy if you want to be taken care of like family as you make a home purchase here in Puerto Rico. The complexities of this market are vast and he has a handle on them all. He is a fighter that helped us negotiate the best deals not only on our home but on the rental properties we had to stay in while we waited for our home to be built. Happy to call him a friend now after working with him for over 2 years. If you want the best, give him a call first.

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